Friday, August 30, 2013

David Evangelista Scrub shampoo, HD Hold hairspray, Straight smoothing serum and Shield leave in-conditioner

My hair is a mess.  Thin and naturally wavy (but not pretty curls), for four years I've been trying to grow out one layered cut after another.  And I've been through three hair stylists...none of whom...for some reason...honored my "I hate layers.  Don't cut any more layers!" and all of whom cut new layers as soon as my hair showed any signs of growing out.  After my most recent disaster, which resulted in head ringing layers, I've taken to cutting my own hair....which mostly consists of the few whisps longer than the rest as I try to even it out.

That means my hair care is even more important as I need to keep the various layers from drying out and breaking.

I am loving the David Evangelista products.  These arrived in the mail with the company's compliments a few months back but trying out hair care takes a while.  What are the long term effects?

So far, so good!  I really like the Scrub shampoo which gently exfoliates.  It really doesn't dry or strip my hair and this product I will continue to use.  It's hard - for me - to find a good like product.  I also have the Straight, a lifesaver in that it kills the frizz that my layers can develop when there is any moisture in the air, which happens even in a Los Angeles summer and makes the layers look a (worse) mess.  The Shield, a leave in conditioner, does smooth and straighten.  I like it and the product is a good version of its genre, but I'm not a big leave-in conditioner fan.  If you are, I think you'll love it.  Last, I have the HD Hold hairspray which doesn't have sticky residue as it promises and leaves my hair soft after I spray.  I also really like the smell!  Which I've never said about a hair spray.

The site is at:


The products are also available on QVC.  David himself is a long respected and well known celebrity and media beauty expert with an impressive resume.

I love these products and will continue to use them!

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