Thursday, August 8, 2013

Mugler Addict box - my favorite thing of the day

It arrived last night.

I love the idea of a box that arrives periodically filled with makeup or perfume.  Like a surprise gift for me.  I haven't signed up for one before because I actually don't always like surprises (I know what I like and want).

But I finally bit and got the Mugler Addict for $50 a year.  For that price, I get four boxes, free shipping on all the site sells and a concierge I can call when I need help or recommendations.  And the first box arrived last night.  So, for $12.50...what did I get...

I got two deluxe scent samples:  Angel perfume and Mugler cologne.  Two regular samples of Angel Aqua Chic and Alien Aqua Chic.  A deluxe sample of Angel body lotion.  And, a Magma Lip Lacquer in shimmering blue effect which looks to be almost a full size.... as it's .01 oz smaller (a full size is $35).

So far I've been playing around with the scents...the Mugler arrived open with only a drop left to try.  A quick call to my concierge and they are sending me a new one!  I actually really love it..and my living room smells like the scent as the box is seeped in it.  Very nice.

The set made me smile.  Fun and full of quality products, so far I'm glad I signed up!!!  We shall see what the next box holds in a few months.  And I might consider another such subscription based on how much I like this one.

Perfume makes me does lip it's a double on that. I'm a huge Alien fan so I hope that makes it into a box!

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