Monday, August 19, 2013

Mac Midnight pressed pigment and matte Plumage eyeshadow...favorite things of the day...

Yes, back to makeup.  I got crazy busy again and wear makeup every day!  And today I got a box from MAC...that I ordered and was so excited to get.

The two items I grabbed are the pressed pigment in Midnight and the matte eye shadow in Plumage.  You'll notice in the photos that somehow I managed to get the sparkle in the matte and I'm really mad at myself.  Then again, it is just makeup!  Those glitter things can migrate anywhere!


I love color...which works really well with the blue plus (green, yellow, grey, depending) eyes that I have.  And I hate hard lines or too much color (too much is always too much).  So the soft grey blue matte of Plumage makes a great blended liner.  And the pigment?  Well, this one actually has almost too much pigment for me but I love the color...and with something soft and glittery like this I can blend it out to an almost wash of color.  Some people complain about that quality.  I love it.

Might be my favorite favorite of August.  I love these two colors.

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