Saturday, December 17, 2016

MAC Mariah Carey Collection Swatches and Review

I will be adding videos and filling out the review as I get to it (including the uploads).


All I Want, Bit of Bubbly, Dahhlinggg!, MCizzle and I Get So OCC

All I want is a frosty champagne gold that looks slightly peachy on me.

Bit of Bubbly is a light beige peach and a satin look.  Very light.

Dahhlinggg! is light pink peach that is slightly warm.  Clearly more pink and cooler than Bit of Bubbly.

MCizzle is a rosy warmer peach, with more color that the first three.  The easiest of the nudes to wear (for me).

I Get So OCC is a plum brown with a hint of taupe.  Reminds me of the Rihanna taupe shade, but with a different color (similar look on me though, but deeper).

My Mimi Extra Dimension Skinfinish

A cooler copper that actually can be applied quite lightly to work well on my skin tone.  Shimmer and a touch of glitter.

Sweet Sweet Fantasy Blush

A peachy shade, deeper than I expected.  A little dry but it still applies and wears well.  I can see shimmer in the blush but it mostly looks matte on.

New Ombre Lip Pencil

A milky peach lip pencil.  Using this pencil makes the nude lip shades wear and look a lot better on me.  A must have if you get the lipsticks (and don't have another nude liner you love).

It's Everything Eyeshadow Quad

All except Image of Rapture are a touch dry but still apply well.  I was surprised at how well the shades work together.  Really great look, worn natural or as a smoky eye.

Diamond Butterfly:  a bit glittery.  Apply lightly or it can look patchy (but works great if applied lightly).  A peachy beige that is neutral but metallic/glittery.

Give My All: soft taupe brown with a lovely sheen.  A touch frosty.

Twinks:  Part of the regular collection.  Medium reddish brown, the warmest shade, and frosty.

Image of Rapture:  Love this one!  A plum brown, a touch of taupe and the most satiny (so no sheen/frost).

Friday, December 16, 2016

Givenchy Rouge Revelateur Rouge Interdit Marbled Lipstick Swatches and Review

Since I've been so bad about doing videos lately...I'm writing this one out.


Givenchy has some new lipsticks coming out, and I was told the release is January 2017.  Barney's accidentally released this marbled red/black lipstick early.

The shade is a pink-black undertoned red.  Slightly cool (on me).  It's a lighter formula with mostly full coverage.  The finish is stunning. The recent trend of some (high end) lines to add a highlighter effect is present here, along with a beautiful glossiness.  It wears about 2.5 hours on me, but lipsticks never wear well on me.  And it really doesn't stain much.

The "black" is marbled throughout so each time the lipstick is applied the shade is slightly different.  I will get to a video but wanted to post the swatches before it's officially released (and likely sells out).