Thursday, August 29, 2013

Favorite thing of the day: three review books came in the mail: John O'Hara and Terry McMillan

I love getting review books in the mail!  First of all, I love to read.  Next, by expanding what I will read this past year I've really had fun trying new genres.  Some work better than others...but what I like best always surprises me (there are some really good witch books out there).

Today I got three books in the mail....unusual.   I'm a little behind on my review reading (but only a little) so now must pick up the pace!  Luckily, I read fast.

A while back I read John O'Hara's Appointment in Samarra and loved it.  The book was a brilliant satire of life just before the Great Depression and demonstrated well how a few bad decisions can unhinge a life.  O'Hara was the most published short story writer in The New Yorker of his time.  I jumped at this package of The New York Stories and BUtterfield 8.  I recently read a very positive review of the former in the WSJ.  The reviewer said that O'Hara's characters discuss everything but what they're really thinking and that shows better than any other way who they really are.  I can't wait to dive into these two!

Terry McMillan I haven't read since how Stella Got Her Groove Back.  When it came out...a long time ago.  I was too young for the story of a woman getting divorced but loved it anyway.  This new book, Who Asked You? is about a grandmother in a mixed race Los Angeles neighborhood whose daughter drops off her two children then disappears.  I live in Los Angeles so know the location and world well. I'm curious to see how McMillan handles the related delicate topics.  Life is complicated today.

As above, I never get three review books in a day!  And I'm so excited about all of these!  Truly my favorite thing of the day.  Reviews to follow when I finish the books.

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