Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Favorite thing of the day - The Covert Messiah book trailer on YouTube

I'm a sucker for YouTube in all forms.  This new book will be out September 9 and looks thrilling.  Details are few...so far...but below is an advance description.  This one I want to read!

"In her latest thriller, Lankford continues to engage hearts and minds in an enthralling ride across continents and cultures.  It's a read that blends fast-moving plot with a deep look at what's wrong with society and how we can reach inside ourselves for answers.  Filled with politics, philosophy and religion from the ages, this adventure sings to its readers, even while keeping them on the edge of their seats.  A must read for anyone who wants a tale that compels and challenges" Vanitha Sankaran, author Watermark

A thrilling escapade from New York city to a Tanzanian village, with all the elements of good story telling. You won't put it down. Joyce Elson Moore, award-winning author of historical fiction

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