Sunday, September 1, 2013

The Patriarch by David Nasaw Review

This book is so long!  Totalling 896 pages, it's absolutely worth the commitment.

Any truly great icon - which Joe Kennedy was - regardless of whether you are a fan or not - isn't the easy subject for a biography.  There is so much to say...and I've been working on one (biography) myself so I've made the attempt.  Then there is all that research and the reality that anyone of impact made both a lot of enemies and a lot of friends.

Kennedy had a huge impact on the US: father of a President and scion of others holding political offices.  He was the founder of a great dynasty who built a large fortune and stood for something, successful at times but others not so.  Strong personalities push.  Anyone that complex deserves the smart insight from a great biographer like Nasaw.

We go from the prejudice against Catholics, to building Wall Street and Hollywood into the politics of WW2 and building the Kennedy Camelot.

The story is jaded, and not all characters - most especially Kennedy - aren't always likable.  But the book is such a worthwhile read.


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