Tuesday, August 27, 2013

I hate writer's block...which doesn't hit me often...but when it does....

It hurts.

Yesterday.  Then today I was with Jason...so I'm behind (though I so loved seeing Jason).

And the writer's block came from fear...I felt more pressure to write something "great" which is also the death of any writing at all.  Somehow, the more I let go of what I must do, should do or can do - the more I actually do.  And better.

I write - sort of - through it....taking more breaks to lighten and find a new way of viewing my project.  But it's hard not to panic and wonder if I need to throw the whole - almost final - draft away.  And I have done that before.  It hurts.

So today I wrote two blog posts first...for which I never feel any pressure.  Burned incense.  I reassured myself that my deadline can be put aside...even though the book has been promised (maintain your idea of quality or ship on time?).  And I realized the draft needs to go into a binder and not be just stuck together with a clip (how I like to work...I got lazy).

We need to push through our fears.  Finishing anything means committing and risking failure.  That's a hard risk to take.

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