Saturday, October 18, 2014

Bite Beauty High Pigment Lip Pencil Set Holiday 2014 Swatches, Review and Compared to Last Year's Set

Very similar but I do like this year's set a little more (less bright…pinkish…fuchsia…).

And it's a great product at a great price.  4 at .05 oz for $25 versus 1 at .09 oz and $24.

Last year top left…this year bottom right...

Thursday, October 16, 2014

NYX Simply Vamp Lip Cream in Aphrodisiac 3, Bewitching 4 and She Devil 6 Review and Swatches

Love…love …love…but I wasn't so fond of the nudes…go figure…

Aphrodisiac, Bewitching and She Devil.

NYX Simply Nude Lip Cream in Peaches, Disrobed, Fairest, Honey and Sable Review and Swatches

The formula and finish were a little inconsistent in my view.  Blend out and add a gloss?

 I liked Sable and Disrobed the best.  Peaches is a bit of a milky disaster on me.

Peaches 1, Disrobed 3, Fairest 4, Honey 5 and Sable 6.

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Arabian Oud Woody Intense Fragrance (Perfume) Review

A deep rich scent, heavy with musk and our when first applied.  It softens and the rose, saffron and incense (patchouli) begin to take over.

Lovely, unisex.  Very unusual on the dry down..great mix of scents.

See more in the video...

Tocca Simone Eau de Parfum Review

A mix of softly scented and not sweet fruit with a twist of lemon.  Exotic but understated flowers, mixed in with an aquatic undertone.  Then musk and incense, a little depth and saffron.  Wow…and unusual scent.

Only problem…wear time isn't the best (it settles into a softer version of itself).

And I love the Tocca bottles!

Gucci 80 Aquamarine Dream Magnetic Shadow Quad Review and Swatches

A little too frosty and cool toned for me.  Also too much color…so I added a little black and like it better.  See it on…and tell me what you think….

Formula is nice but I don't think it lives up to Cosmic Deco.

Murder on the Ile Sordou by M.L. Longworth Book Review

Murder on the Ile Sordou is an atmospheric murder mystery set on a small island in the south of France.  Located near Marseilles, Ile Sordou is a new hotel opening on an almost empty island and catering to high end tourists.

We begin learning about our cast of characters by living with them (and inside their perspective) as they arrive at the island and live their lives.  I got confused as the author jumped quickly from one to the next…but the device came together at the end.

M.L. Longworth has written three other books in this series, that each follow a French judge and his law professor girlfriend.  We also meet an out of luck (formerly famous) actor, his wife and her teenage son.  The best friend of the law professor.  Various staff members as well as the couple who own the hotel.  An american couple.  A retired teacher.

This book works well if you like these types of stories…which get into the day to day lives of the characters until interrupted by a murder.  The narrative is intimate and local.

I liked the book.