Monday, December 28, 2015

Chanel LA Sunrise Sunkiss Ribbon Blush Harmony Review and Swatches

Super vibrant, especially for Chanel. If you use the brown/taupe and lighter pink, which comprise the middle of the blush and the larger swathes, it looks more natural.  I then add just a little of the coral, raspberry red or fuchsia to add deeper color.  It might be too bold for some, but blends well.

And the blush really does give a sun touched look somehow.

Marc Jacobs Velvet Noir Major Volume Mascara

I love this type of mascara, which is following what seems to me to be a trend of mascaras that give you the fake eye lash look.  And the MJ version is more reasonably priced than many other like products.
Basically, the wand has numerous fine bristles packed pretty densely together.  I find that applying one coat gives me a great more natural look.  I am able to build up that false eye lash look with the second coat.  But!  I do need to be very careful to wipe excess product on the opening and build up coverage slowly or I can get clumping.  I also have fine, long lashes and these types of mascaras can be disastrous for those with shorter thicker lashes (and I don't know about this one as I have only tested the product on myself).
This was sent to me for review, but I do honestly really like it - for me.
See more and see it on in the video.

Dior Diorskin Nude Air Glowing Gardens Nude Illuminating Powder Review and Swatches

Lovely, but it's so close to Becca's opal, perhaps a touch more pink with a hint more metallic effect (but barely).  And it's definitely a highlighter as opposed to an illuminating powder (unless you really like to shine!).

Ciate Olivia Palermo Cheekbone Cheat Duo in Bluff Point Review and Swatches

A lovely duo, that looks more pigmented on than in the container.  The pink is a lovely warming shade on my skin.  The bronzer doesn't lean orange or yellow, if anything it's maybe a little burnished red.  Creamy and pigmented, and it blends beautifully.

I really love these Ciate Olivia Palermo collection items!

Saturday, December 19, 2015

Christian Louboutin Sheer Voile Lipstick in Rouge, Petal Rose and Mexicatchy Review and Swatches

Lovely, pigmented but sheer.  Pricey but so gorgeous.

Petal Rose: a rich warm rose pink

Rouge: a blue based slightly pink red

Mexicatchy: coral swatches but red coral on

Charlotte Tilbury Filmstars on the Go Some Like It Hot Review and Swatches

Sheer, pretty, not so long wear.

Some will love and some will hate....

Bite Beauty Lip Lab LTD Lipstick in 011 Swiss Chocolate Review and Swatches

A rich formula and shade.  Brown with strong red undertones.  Works for me!

Etude House Dear My Wish Lipstick in BE101 and RD301 Review and Swatches

These are so gorgeous.  A nude pink and slightly cool red.  A little sheer, with a great sheen, the color are perfect.

Available at:

GRWM - Applying Foundation and Subtle Contour

My every day simple steps..

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Ciate London Olivia Palermo The Smouldering Eye Palette Eyeshadow Review and Swatches

Gorgeous.  More muted than it looks in the pan, these shadows are pigmented and apply/blend beautifully.  Great for a sophisticated, subtle every day look or a smoky eye.

I was hesitant on this collection as I've never bought Ciate London before.  I have absolutely loved it. Great every day, really wearable and high quality makeup.  Ciate has a good grasp of color (and, as I already said, quality).

Ciate London Olivia Palermo Satin Kiss Lipstick in Truffle, Praline and Velveteen Review and Swatches

I swatched these in store and was impressed but couldn't justify them until the sale.  New brand for me and I was just unsure.  Then, I also got a few other items from the Olivia Palermo collection and have been so impressed.  The look overall is subtle and more subdued.
Great shades and the formula is super creamy, flattering and wearable.  I'd compare it to Tom Ford or C Louboutin in the feel; that rich butteriness.
Praline gets a lot of great reviews and I can see why.  It's a nude with a hint of pink, a hint of brown, but enough so that I don't look washed out.
Truffle was a little light for me but it's so pretty.  Outside I can see hints of gold, which warms up the pink a bit and adds an unusual (subtle!!!!) finish.
Velveteen is a neutral to slightly cool red (on me) with a touch of a blue undertone.  It has the softest of barely there sheen in the finish.  When I swatched it, I was convinced it wouldn't work for me.  It does and is so pretty; not too bright.  On me, it barely stains (rare for a red).
I've been very impressed with the quality of this collection and line.  A surprise discovery for me.  The makeup is every day wearable and just lovely.
See these on, swatches and hear more in the video.

Sunday, December 6, 2015

Book Review: Wait for Signs by Craig Johnson

I have throughly enjoyed Craig Johnson's Sheriff Longmire novels.  I did not realize that he wrote short stories until I got this book.

And this book has it all:  the fun, the crazy and the just plain excellent.

I don't watch the related series on television but I feel like I could just turn it on and fall right in.  I've come to grasp Johnson's world and just sit back and enjoy.

This book - to me - seems like a great holiday gift.  The stories are long enough, but not too intense, so even those with little time to read would enjoy it.

Book Review: Home Fires by Julie Summers

Books like Home Fires by Julie Summers take me back to my childhood, when I visited my grandparents in the UK.  It does a masterful job of recreating every day life in the UK.

In this book, we meet the the women of the Women's Institute who greatly helped the war effort in Britain during WWII.  They were best known for making preserves/jam to help supply food.  But they did so much more.

We see these women struggle with every day issues as their larger goal, winning the war, inspires them as much as personal ones.

This book is now about to be a PBS Masterpiece Series entitled Call the Midwife.  As a social commentary and real in depth glimpse into a time and place it's just lovely.

Great read.

Book Review: After You by Jojo Moyes

Jojo Moyes picks up with her character, Louisa Clark, after Will has died in the prequel to this book.  After You is just that, the story of how Louisa pulls herself together and moves on now that Will is no longer around.

This book is classic Jojo Moyes, sometimes chatty and even silly, we nonetheless are drawn into the lives of characters Moyes has so skillfully drawn.

The book is lighter, oddly, than Me Before You, but a worthwhile read.  I enjoyed the journey, and that's the best a book can do.

Book Review: Elizabeth George A Banquet of Consequences

I really love this book.  I feel like reading it, I did drop into another world.

But it's a sad one.   Will, a troubled landscaper in the UK, commits suicide after his on again, off again girlfriend reads his journal.  But Will isn't the only one to die.  And his death sets off a chain of events that ranges from devastating those who loved him (predictable) to some less expected.

This story line takes into the lives of those impacted, as events start going eschew.  George manages to keep the tension high, while also taking time to develop her characters.

A wonderful read.

Book Review: In Order To Live, by Yeonmi Park

In Order to Live, by Yeonmi Park, is a haunting, sad and touching book.  It can be a truly sad read as we recount Park's difficult journey.

She begins by describing her life in North Korea.  Any time we get a glimpse inside that odd and dysfunctional country the stories seem implausible.  Sadly, they're true and Park's journey to life outside North Korea is anything but easy.

Park and her mother leave their home in search of her sister.  Soon, they are trafficked, sold and forced into sexual servitude.  I can't imagine the strength required to survive such awful experiences and to constantly be treated as if you have no value.

Eventually, they do manage to make a better life.  Not immediately reunited with her sister, Park eventually is and realizes that she was actually quite close for a while.

The book is well written and gripping, even as it wanders across topics hard to articulate and discuss. I really enjoyed this book!  Park chose to get stronger and learn from her trials and she shares them with true eloquence.

Revlon Ultra HD Matte Lipcolor in Devotion and Seduction Review and Swatches

Not for me.  Not bad, just nothing special.

Bite Beauty Sugar plum 012 Sephora Lip Lab Limited Lipstick Review

A red pink or a pink red?

Bright and beautiful.

Skinfood Cappuchino Sugar Bloom Shadow Box Eye Shadow Review and Swatches

Gorgeous basic.  Love!


Bite Beauty Sephora Limited 002 Japanese Eggplant Lipstick Review and Swatches

Wow this one is gorgeous!

Tom Ford Lips & Boys 2015 in Drake, Kingston and Tony Review and Swatches

Gorgeous...this collection is cooler, other than the browns, and more shimmery overall than the original.

I got 3!

YSL Le Teint Touche Eclat Illumination Foundation in BR30 Review

Illuminating, not too heavy and flawless.

Kerosene Wood Haven Eau de Parfum Review

A mix of woods, citrus and a little spice.  Not at all what I expected (but I love it)!

Laura Mercier Kajal D'Orient Eye Liner Review

Not a traditional kajal, this one is more like a creamy eye liner.

Essentielle Beauty Bollywood Box Unboxing

What was including...for $32....

Rituel de Fille Feral Collection: Strange Creature, Prey and Viscera Review and Swatches

Gorgeous collection.  The eye soot applies better as it warms on skin.

Faceshop Plum Cushion Blush Review and Swatches

A soft, pastel pink purple.  Creamy and pigmented texture.  This blush also works as an eye shadow or highlighter.