Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Christian Louboutin Matte Lipstick in Just Nothing, Rococotte and Rouge Louboutin Review and Swatches

This matte formula is stunning.

I decided to get a few of these during the Sephora sale.  Yes, the price is prohibitive but I decided these would be my holiday gift and I'm glad I did.

I tried all three formulas but personally prefer the matte.  It's unlike any other (but closest to Tom Ford).  Very creamy but still lightweight, it really does cover in one coat and makes my lips look more lush and full.  It wears beautifully, longer wearing on me than many, and fading into that blotted lip look.  This matte has a slight satin to not totally matte.  And it's not drying (on me).

Just nothing looks like perfect child's or angels lops and is a pink nude, subtle, with a touch of peach.  Rococotte is a rich slightly dusty warm rose.  And Rouge Louboutin might be the prettiest lipstick I've ever seen.  It's a slightly cool, slightly blue based neutral red.

The packaging in prettier in person.

See it on, swatches and hear more in the video.

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Tom Ford Lips and Boys New 25 for 2015 and Swatches

Here they are...the new 25 plus a few...

Overall, the new shades are a compliment to the carry over 25 and not a separate collection.  They seem a little edgier than the original 50, with the lighter ones sometimes being too light for me.  New textures?  Yes, and a little bit more heavy on the shimmer than the matte.
I am getting Roman (it grows on you fast), Drake (the slightest blue duo chrome effect), Kingston (eye popping and gorgeous pink) and Tony (perfect red).

David, Drake, Roman, Joaquin and Tony.

Rocco, Jay, Theo, Louis and Jake

Edie, Vladamir, Egon, Austin and Jude

Holden, Eric, Derek, Hiro, and Ansel

Beau, Kingston, Malik, Justin and Pablo

Daniel, Demsey, Roberto, Rafael and Alex