Saturday, April 30, 2016

Pat McGrath Labs Nude Skin Fetish 003 Highlighter Review and Swatches

This set is very pretty, and high quality.  But I don't love it.

The brush is well done, with thinner bristles at the end.  The thicker bristles at the base hold the brush firm but less product is picked up so it applies lightly (a good thing).

The balm is step one of building up the highlighting effect.  It adds a soft sheen but is absorbed into my skin within 2 hours.  It does provide a great base for the powder/pigment and makes it look smoother and less shimmery (it's smooth with only the subtlest of shimmer outright glitter).

The highligher on my yellowish skin is a slightly golden champagne.  It's almost metallic but doesn't make my pores too noticeable.

The pink pigment/powder is finely milled but adds a wow level of sheen.  I can see this emphasizing some people's pores.  The duochrome/shade shift veers from pink, to peach, to aqua to lilac.  Pretty, but perhaps the wrong shade for me (too cool; too pink?).  And I did question why I wanted a duochrome face.

Overall, lovely quality and pretty products.  I'm not in love.

Christian Louboutin Silky Satin Lip Colour in Tutulle and Impera Review

I wish I didn't love these...but I do...

This formula is my least favorite of the three (others being matte and sheer) but they lipsticks are still lovely.

Tutulle is a light, a touch sheer, pinky nude.  Fairy lips.

Impera is a rich warm and medium toned rose pink.

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Viseart Cashmere Theory Palette Review and Swatches

Perfect rendition of a classic.  I might even like this one more than Minx.  Less dramatic but so every day wearable.  Gorgeous, barely cool over all.  This palette should work beautifully for most people.

Jeffree Star Gemini and Scorpio Velour Liquid Lipstick Review and Swatches

The brand is upping their game.  The formula on these is better (reminds me of KVD) and more consistent than past shades I have.  Not that it wasn't good before, as it was.  But it's better.

Gemini is less a terra cotta on me and more a warm rose with a hint of brown and a hint of terra cotta.  Scorpio is a stunning grey lavender.  Both veer darker on than I expected.

GRWM Foundation Dos and Don't for Aging Skin

What works for me...especially as my skin ages...

GRWM Everyday Berrry Eyeshadow Look Using Saucebox Forbidden Fruits Palette

Fun way to use bold shades in an everyday look!

MAC Future Ionized Rich Lipstick and Otherearthly Skinfinish Review and Swatches

I was going to skip this collection but saw it on someone else and had to get two of the items.

Otherearthly has some great shades, especially the coppery color, which I wear as an eyeshadew.  Ionized is just sheer enough that it works with my coloring.

These two items are my no MAC for a while breaking point!

Demeter Fragrance Haul

I couldn't resist.  Code 25 gets 25% off..

Not so long wearing, but I love Demeter anyway.

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Tarte Coloring Correcting Palette; My New Toy That I Love

Will do a video soon.  Love it, though it is warm toned overall.

Sunday, April 17, 2016

Viseart Ribbons Boheme Dream Eyeshadow Palette Review and Swatches

Super pigmented, with an almost metallic or frost finish (but gentler) this palette is stunning.  Very finely milled, the shadows apply beautifully and wear well.

Limited edition and truly a special palette.

OCC Lip Tar in Indrid, Lily, Magnolia and Artifact Review and Swatches

I'm in love with Indrid and Artifact.
Indrid, an iridescent, taupe/grey/lavender with a slight duochrome.
Lily: lavender with a white base.
Magnolia: peach coral with a white base.
Artifact: an impossible to describe shimmery copper.

Tom Ford Bicoastal Sheer Cheek Duo Review and Swatches

Not the normal blush formula, rather the wet/dry gel one.  Softly flushed cheeks with shimmery highlight.  Cool toned, and with a sheen but not metallic.

Too Faced Sweet Peach Eyeshadow Palette Review and Swatches

Neither as good nor as bad as I read.  A very pretty, mostly warm palette.  Use an eyeshadow primer though!

Penhaligon's London Ostara Eau De Toilette Review

Daffodils.  Reminds me of a country garden in spring, with the morning dew still wet and clean air.
Stunning, soft and feminine.

Urban Decay Aura Afterglow 8 Hour Highlighter Review and Swatches

Soft ethereal pink sheen.  Not metallic and no glitter.  Like a fairy's kiss.

Thursday, April 14, 2016