Sunday, August 18, 2013

Last Maha teacher training class...with Steve Ross and Tom Morley...

We all need to find ways of staying sane (I'm writing this in Los Angeles).

Today was my last teacher training class at Maha Yoga with Steve Ross and Tom Morley...the studio and teachers to whom I've been going to forever.  I thought the class would be a quick and easy exercise to complete an earlier one I dropped when my divorce (many years ago) got ugly.  This one ended up being anything but.  Rather, in an already tumultuous year (a few people close to me almost died; as did a less close friend; another less close friend did die; and a few people decided to try to force me....very forcefully...into their dramas) I found myself having to face some of my own demons.

I did it in a safe place, with caring teachers (and fellow students) I could trust.

And I grew, taught a yoga class and re-stabalized.

Instead of focusing on poses they focused on breaking down barriers (internal and external).  Poses anyone can mimic; true teaching comes of giving of oneself.

And the progress of everyone in the class was astounding.

Note, Steve and Tom are very good at what they do and pack their classes to overflowing (seriously, people have been known to do the class outside the studio when no room is left).

So I thank them all...teachers and students a like.  I am such a better person and I've worked through so many issues and re-stabalized.  Wait, what just happened?

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