Monday, March 4, 2013

Why $8 sale lipstick matters

Cosmetic obsessed lately? Yes. But I like the bright and shiny colors. And I began reselling some of my unwise purchases on eBay, made money and got intrigued by what sells and what doesn't.

And I have a lasting memory of reading Estee Lauder's biography when I was about ten. She attributed her success to touching her customers, putting makeup on and giving away gifts, especially bright lipstick. She found that women, when coming out of a bad period, gravitated to lipstick and started wearing it again. Bright colors cheered them.

So makeup isn't all cosmetic. How we care for and adorn ourselves reflects how we feel inside.

Too Faced has a sale ongoing now ( ...though my links never work on this blog). Their discontinued lipstick line is marked down to $8 from $20. I bought a bunch. And I intend to enjoy playing. For not a lot of money I can both re-engage my inner child (finger paints) and make myself feel good. Sometimes $8 can buy a lot, especially when you feel like you're getting a bargain.

Long live bright colors.

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