Wednesday, March 13, 2013

How you do this is how you do everything

That's the Soul Cycle mantra ( links in this blog never work).

I've been doing less yoga and more spinning...friends introduced something I guess I need right now.  And both the yoga and the Soul Cycle classes push the empowerment of doing something positive for yourself.  And how we do one thing really is emblematic of how we do others.  Put in your effort or slack off?  Turn the level up on your bike or skate?  Embrace challenges or avoid them?

But my Maha Yoga and my Soul Cycle both provide one thing...a coach, mentor or guide...pick your word so you don't need to be motivated alone.  They encourage, coax, demand, praise and push.  Life is easier when you aren't alone.  But don't we get credit too for reaching out to those who pick us up when our own efforts lag?  March is my month to be me...and I'm embracing those as well who help me be me.  Thank you.

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