Saturday, March 9, 2013

Safe Haven by Nicolas Sparks

Yes, I've been reading the girlie mushy stuff lately.  One book is leading to another and I'm finding that I'm liking them (I've also been reading a futurist on the brain and learning; how technology is saving the planet and people; and Joe Kennedy so all is not light and rainbows).

But I'm liking the fluff.

Safe Haven is so great!  Well written?  Absolutely.  I'm not a regular Sparks reader but as he does camp out at number one I periodically pick up a book here and again.  In this one, our heroine's story dribbles out.  An ex-abused wife she catches the eye of a widower with two young children.  I'm only 20 percent in (Kindle!) but I can see the sparks starting to fly as two reluctant and hurt people begin to reach out to someone else new.

Ouch!  At my age most of us have at least a scar or two so how can I not feel for them?

Okay, will this book ever go down as the greatest in history?  No.  But it does have a movie and top seller status.  It's sensitive, vibrant, vivid and just enjoyable.  Who could ask for more.  Not a regular with Mr. Sparks I absolutely adore him anyway.

I'll let you know if the next 80 percent turns out to disappoint or enthrall.

Fun stuff!

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