Monday, February 25, 2013

The Power Broker by Robert Caro

I love Robert Caro. His LBJ stuff must be among the best biographies (it's a series) ever written. Okay, I worship Caro.

So I just started the (only) 1162 page biography of Robert Moses, the former mayor who shaped NYC. And that page count is pre-notes or index. I read fast but this should keep me busy for a while. And I'm also reading the Joseph Kennedy biography which is comparable in length. So I'm learning a lot about powerful men. I must admit that I'm learning to say to those I know "whatever you want". Life is so much easier that way and I know I'm not getting my way if I fight (but there are other tactics).

I like to write and those who write get bored if we don't keep our minds busy. Power? Wasn't studying that my 2012 resolution. I get a D on that goals so I'm picking it up for 2013. If at first you don't succeed...

Power? What I learned reading the first pages? It's brains, ability, drive, confidence and that something extra. Let me read and I'll get back to you on that last one.

Read Caro. Love him.

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