Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Urban Decay 24/7 Eyeliner Pencil Vault - snagged it!

Urban Decay this morning launched their new 24/7 eyeliner pencil Vault.  It has 40 pencils, with 13 new shades and 15 shades brought back from previous collections/limited editions.  The balance of the shades were already available.  I am using a copyrighted picture above...because I don't have a Vault yet so this posting...or at least the picture....might need to be taken down.

My links on this blog NEVER work...so cut and paste http://www.musingsofamuse.com/2013/03/urban-decay-247-glide-on-eye-pencil-new-shades-2013-review-swatches.html for a review of the new colors by Musings of a Muse, a great beauty blogger.

Why am I writing this...given that I am not a beauty blogger!  I managed to buy out of the 50 made available this morning!  And I'm thrilled.  And they've been shipped...soon I'll have my own photos.  I'm actually writing to increase the competition for products like this...not decrease it.  How did I manage to score this very limited edition product?  I had read about the Vault and how Urban Decay only made it to show...then decided to sell some and to be released this morning actually on the Musings of a Muse site.  Until this morning UD didn't say that they'd only have 50 for sale...and I think to buy you actually had to enter their Facebook contest to win 2 Vaults (one for a friend and one for you).  I was sitting at my computer when the email came in...I'm on the UD mailing list...and I clicked right through...couldn't find the sets for sale on the UD site so entered the Facebook contest then saw the link to the ones on sale.  They were out of stock within minutes.

Do I need 40 eye pencils?  No, I really don't.  But UD pencils are my favorite and with a daughter at the age of just starting to wear makeup I have plenty of eager recipients for any I don't wear.  I'm set for birthday gifts for her friends for a long while.  And I get to pick my favorites of the new shades...it isn't like I don't actually use and wear makeup....

Will they be restocked?  UD allows for signing up to be alerted if they do.  I suspect when they said 50 would be available they really meant 50 ever.  But all the shades are for sale on the UD site!!!  So no one need miss out on their preferred colors.

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