Sunday, March 10, 2013


Why older is sometimes better...and not everything should be thrown out when it's gotten old (and soft).

I'm crazy about old things.  The writer or romantic in me?  My stash of jewelry from an estate sale...including a ring my children hate (I love!).  Old music.  We have an old crumbling album of records we bought in a used book sale (my kids wanted that...never seen records before).  My favorite sweater, the grey one I always wear, that has seen better days.

Today I bought a stack of vintage t-shirts - rock band ones - and sweaters rescued and made cool.  Studs, rips, patches, skeletons and even glistening things.  To my defense, they were on sale and deeply discounted.  I'm in heaven.  The best thing is, so is my daughter.  They were "rescued" by a super cool trendy clothing store that markets to the young, like her.  Am I too old for them, since I'm about the same vintage as they are...and they've been made cooler than me?

Who cares.  They're so soft.  And they have history.  How much more fun than something I picked up at the Gap (not that I don't love the Gap).

Vintage.  Old is often better than friends, in wine, in houses, in manners, in books, and in history.  So what if I look like a geek.

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