Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Low Expectations - Aim higher

Today was a day of low expectations.  People telling me what can’t be done not what can (okay, not everyone).  But it was also a day of facing an epiphany that I don’t have to.  We strive and fight.  Sometimes we don’t want to.
I shot video today…finally!  But forgot to turn my microphone on.  Lost time.  Or rehearsal.  Lot’s of that.  Or, I also shot at a wrong angle and can now do better today.  All that work lost….all that opportunity to do better.  I still have tomorrow.
We all fail.  I also heard of low expectations after being at Soul Cycle – which is all about pushing yourself to do better and work harder and achieve more.  If we don’t ask more of people we guarantee that they won’t achieve much.  I’m going to follow up with a few people who need some guidance in a minute.
Low expectations raise no boats.  Aim higher.  

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