Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Escape makes next round in Amazon's novel competition

Escape, Captive's sequel made the first round of cuts today in the Amazon/CreateSpace/Publisher's Weekly new novel competition. I'm mostly relieved. I love this competition and Captive made it almost to the end in it's day. The first round/cut is from about 10,000 entries down to 400! So numbers wise the accomplishment is pretty amazing. But, the contest rules state that what is considered in making that cut is the up to 300 word pitch that you write! Do they look at the book itself? The rules aren't totally clear on that but seemingly they don't.

I'm crazy for contests...sometimes I feel like I'll enter about anything. Last year I was thrilled to win a college get away survival package. I did feel guilty for grabbing away some Top Ramen and a can sized fudge that powered up through a computer from a starving student. But my kids dug through the goody bag and so enjoyed it I got over those feelings.

The chances of winning one of these competitions are slim. To my knowledge this particular competition has never been won by a thriller...which Escape clearly is. But in denying these realities I do fall back on the cliches that: "if you don't enter you know you won't win", and "the first step is getting in the game" and worse "there is a first time for everything". Someone wins....

To those doubters who think I'm crazy I will point out that anyone who writes a novel is crazy at one level. Yet a lot of us keep doing it. Finishing a big project always feels great, even if the mind-numbing edits grow old. And we all know that some of the craziest people are the ones who actually did great things.

Will I win? Who knows. But as of this moment I'm still in the game.

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