Monday, February 11, 2013

Red lips and back to icons

I'm having fun with red lipstick right now....even started collecting it. I like the iconic value of it. Red is...? Power? Sexy? In your face? Shocking? Classic? Romantic? Cheap? Eternal?

This is February and Valentine's Day is upon it. How will you celebrate? A romantic dinner? Flowers, gifts, candy, romance? Is that tradition? Or is romance a classic? Will red or pink be part of your celebration?

I keep saying that someday I will write a love story but crafting a good one is just so hard. How do we describe that what we most love about someone is how they fumble or fall asleep during movies? Or even the way that they kiss or tear off our clothes? God, that's just so personal. Icons make us vulnerable but also protect us from that feeling in that they are so universal. If we describe Marilyn we address an idea but our beloved exposes our heart and vulnerabilities. There is a lot in that closet I don't want you or anyone else to know.

What a month this is! Red lips and hearts, Valentine's Day and all of the changes a new year brings. Today I'm writing short because I have so much else to do. But I did stop to put on red lipstick, even if just for the computer at this moment.

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