Saturday, February 16, 2013

Staying open

Well, I've got a diverse bit of experiences to pull into this post.

Let's start with staying open and not closing to experience because we've been hurt before. One of my favorite books is titled "The Untethered Soul" (link: It's gotten me through some tough spots when I wanted to freeze and withdraw only to realize later that I was responding to fear and my past not the future. Accepting what is and people for who they are will propel you forward faster than will looking back.

I finished Arthur Levine and Diane Dean's book, "Generation on a Tightrope" this morning. Kids too scared to be intimate thus being sexual without it. Link:"

And I'm reading another book...which is why this whole post started. I'll do a real review in a few days after I finish it. Jojo Moyes has written a wonderful book about a slightly lost young woman who takes the job of caring for a paraplegic former master of the universe. For those who know me the idea of this book is so...not me. Cliche city, soppy, silly, ridiculous...and on..not my thing. I am loving the book (stay open! stay open!). I stumbled into it and am so glad. Moyes falls into the occasional cliche and her heroine is a bit too smart for her situation but she still makes the implausible story jump off the page and I can't wait to read more.

Stay open! Link to book:

Please note...the links don't always work in this blog with its messed up formatted (God bless wordpress which does work...) so you will need to cut and paste the url links to the books. My randomly as far as I can tell works. Anyone with a solution please let me know!

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