Friday, February 22, 2013

Decisions: facts, logic, gut or emotion?

Yesterday and today I needed my friends. God bless them and I love them (I have the greatest friends). But now I'm alone again, as we all must be sometimes. They provided guidance but now I need to take the resulting steps. A lot of what was discussed we can't know so had to rely on logic and our gut. To help me make a decision and decide on a course of action.

Such factors are never as important as cold hard realities... but so often in life they're all we have. And action or disaster looms so we need to act in a void of information. And then is the reality that facts can change.

But more important than anything else is the ultimate reality that we all decide to do things despite the facts, the logic or even practicality. Some decisions must be driven by emotion or our gut...because we can't live with taking any different course of action. I just made one of those. Despite certain facts. And while my friends helped me see things straight, I alone made the decision (though they support me). Sure I know the "facts" but sometimes in life it's the stuff we sense not what we think we know that most matters.

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