Monday, February 18, 2013

Mac Archie's Girls Betty Collection

Yes, I’m still makeup obsessed, and specifically this collection obsessed. I just love what Mac did with this grouping of lipsticks, eye shadows, lip glosses, powders (with cute little hearts!) and blushes.

As I explained in earlier postings, the collection is based on the Archie comic books people my age grew up loving. The items are divided into the “bad girl” Veronica with strong purples and reds, and the “good girl” with Betty’s softer browns, pinks and peaches.

I’m going to focus on Betty for this post. Wandering my local drug store I had a hard time finding skin care focused on young skin unless it was oily and acne prone. My skin has never been either, even during the thick of adolescence. Mostly, the lines picked a problem…too much oil or aging. A skin care nut with a daughter who is getting to the age she needs to be more careful and begin caring for her skin, I had to pick and choose for her and cross brands. My stuff is too heavy for her skin; and she has no acne (so far, knock on wood).

What does this skin care discussion have to do with Betty? Likewise, lines don’t focus on products for the young unless it’s cheap dime store glittery lip glosses or eye shadows with kittens or pop stars on the packaging. Yuck.

Mac’s Betty line has colors that are absolutely perfect for the softness of the young. There isn’t a harsh color in the grouping and the colors are mostly universally flattering (a lipstick or gloss might be too light for those with darker coloring, but otherwise are gorgeous for most). The products are utterly lovely and soft. I’d love to see my young daughter in them all, and they’re muted enough to be age appropriate. Young girls don’t need strong makeup…they are so naturally fresh and lovely.

I hate to send anyone to eBay to scrounge up what of a line they can find. Unfortunately, the collection sold out in about a week. But even if you aren’t an eBay shopper do some image searches online and look at my picture above so you can get a grasp of what I mean about colors. Unfortunately, most of us will need to do what I did with skin care at the drug store to duplicate the look: mix and match. Why don’t lines do sub-lines that create such a soft and delicate look suitable for their younger clientelle?

The Mac site is at …but the line is sold out, with maybe a lone spare product left. And Betty is an icon as well...the classic sweet American blonde teenager...

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