Monday, February 10, 2014

Thierry Mugler Addict Box 3: Don't Bother!!!! February 2014

The idea behind subscription boxes, to my understanding, is that they do one of two things.  The first is allow brands access to a new possible ongoing buyer and thus should offer good value to incentivize people to try new brands.  Second, to treat those high value brand loyalist with an ongoing stream of quality products.  At their worst they are dumping grounds for products that don't sell or overpriced samples (that are free with purchase on many sites).

My conclusion of the Thierry Mugler Addict Subscription program is that it falls into "the worst".  With box 3 I have lost all hope.

Basically, the program costs $50 and you get four boxes.  The program also provides a concierge line and promises sample of to be released products, existing products and cosmetics.  I never knew the line had cosmetics and was excited to try them!

The first box had a lipgloss…the one in a line that didn't sell out and was eventually discounted.  The second had a nail polish that is usually only gift with purchase and is actually lovely.  The third, my new box, has a cheap plastic change purse I will dump (as will most people willing to pay $50 for a program like this or top dollar for their products).

I also got three small (free elsewhere) samples and a deluxe of an eau de toilette (cheap).  Angel has been a huge star in every box…I wore it when it first came out and am done with it.  I keep getting more (I thought the Addict program was supposed to introduce me to new products).  I got a mini Angel hair spray.

What a waste…of my money.  I hate giving bad reviews but this arrival made me so mad!

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