Tuesday, February 25, 2014

The Last Letter From Your Lover by Jojo Moyes Review

Jojo Moyes likes to write about lovers somehow separated.  Often, it's circumstances but too frequently the people themselves get in their own way.  In The Last Letter from Your Lover both intrude.

In the 1960s, Jennifer gets in a car accident with her memory wiped clean.  The driver of the car died in the accident but she's slowly recovering.  Still, her memory proves tricky and she struggles to remember her life before the accident.  Jennifer seemingly has it all…an attractive and successful husband, a beautiful home and many friends.  Her family is supportive.  Why does something feel absent?  And is her disquiet related to the accident or deeper?

Then Jennifer discovers a love letter stashed in a book and signed only with a B.  Gradually, she tries to piece together her own love story, which she's unable to remember.

Years later a journalist, in her own troubled relationship, finds the letter and tries to piece together the story of the two lovers.  Did they have a happy ending?  Perhaps if  she can learn from them she can find her own contentment.

Moyes doesn't feel compelled to create the most likable or sympathetic charactors.  Beginning writers often feel compelled to do otherwise but the resulting idealized people don't read like real life.  These characters struggle with who they are and aren't always likable.  For me that added to the story.

This book is a great love story.

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