Thursday, February 20, 2014

NARS Matte Multiple Review Altai and Siam

These are beautiful.  A smooth and easily blend able formula that can be used wet (lighter application) or dry (more pigmented application).  These are about half the size of a regular multiple at the same price.

Siam is a deep rich and bright poppy (orange/coral/red) and works equally well on lips and cheeks (softly on eyes too).

Altai is very light and my skin tone is pretty light.  I need to use a careful hand then get lovely shading. Too much and I blend it away.  It also works as a soft eye color.

I get about 6 hours wear on eyes and cheeks, 2 on the lips (but Altai is too brown to be a lip color on me).

Love these!  But I love mattes and am willing to do a little extra work with cream formulas.

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