Wednesday, February 12, 2014

EM Cosmetics Life Palette in Day Life by Michelle Phan and Loreal Review and Swatches

This whole set is 1.33 pounds and contains 26.8 grams of product.  That’s a lot of product!  I had mixed feelings.  I hate the lip products (faded fast, the little pots are inconvenient and get dirty and the shades weren’t original) and really liked the 3 darker blushes.  The lightest one I can’t figure out how to use on me, and I’m pretty inventive.  The eye shadows were mixed but use a primer!  They do fade fast.  And I think the two cooler toned ones (the cranberry and grey based ones) are more night than day looks.  I really liked the warmer brown and peach quadrants.

So, four quadrants: 

Girls Day Out

Perfect Rose – Blush

Grab Your Purse – Shadow

Rush Hour – Shadow
Things to do – Shadow

Busy Lady – Shadow

First Priority – Shadow

A Pink Moment – Shadow
The gloss is Sweet Raisin and the lipstick is Berry Busy.

This look is the most dramatic and best suited for dark complexions.  I also think it’s more a night look.  Too much red and pink, especially combined on my eyes, is a tough look for me to pull off.  Nice colors though,

Coffee Break

Cappuccino – Blush

Espresso – Shadow

Cocoa – Shadow

Biscotti – Shadow

Lottsa Latte – Shadow

Beige Frappe – Shadow

Creamy –

The gloss is Morning Peach and the lipstick is What’s Nude.

This quadrant is my favorite and creates a natural and neutral day look.  Warmer toned browns, with some leaning cooler.  This whole set seems to be cool to neutral or warm to neutral with some of the other ( or warm) throw in.  This makes for some interesting combinations but I do think the whole set, overall, is more suited to brown eyes than to my blue.

Weekend Brunch

Pinched – Blush

Nibble – Shadow

French Toast – Shadow
Ballet Flats – Shadow

Peach Gelato – Shadow

Girlie – Shadow

Creme - Shadow

Gloss is Parisian Nude
 and lipstick  is Roses

Peach theme  with a not there blush.  I really liked this quadrant, again, for a natural day look.  The palette has a lot of lighter shadows.

Day Dreaming

Day Dreaming – Blush
Onyx Dreams – Shadow
torm Kiss – Shadow

Fantasy – Shadow
Silver Lining – Shadow

Light Violet – Shadow

French Kiss – Shadow
Gloss in One More
and lipstick n Misty Mauve

Super great for smoky eyes with greys, purples and even a blue/black.  I really like these colors but in a day palette?  Still, a fun set.

Yes, the packaging gets dirty.  This is a fun set with fine quality and pigmentation.  Use a primer and enjoy.  Youth focuses, it also has a sheet with look descriptions.  The Life Palettes are now $59 and you get 15% off your first purchase when you log into the website.  EM has great customer service.  And you get a little magnetized travel compact in which you can put your lip colors to protect them from the shadow fall out.

I’m on the fence regarding this one.  Some very pretty shades but I won’t use the set overall.  Nothing much sets it apart.

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