Thursday, February 27, 2014

Book Review of This Is Not An Accident by April Wilder

This Is Not an Accident is a a quirky book.  Author April Wilder does an excellent job of drawing us into her characters' worlds, though we might not always fully want to be there.  And these stories are mostly dark, of people not quite in touch with themselves and a little lost.

I like how she uses details to describe, the classic showing and not telling.  Sometimes I didn't really feel fully comfortable with the narratives and people coping within them.  My world is more ordered.

But sometimes we should exit our comfort zones.

These stories range from a woman obsessed with driving, to a man still not over his ex-wife.

The stories end early and the book adds a creative writing instructors evaluation form and a novella of You're That Guy.  The latter is about the children of a man who was a prominent game theorist until he turned a little nutty.  And now the father has died and his children cope with their inheritance and all that they perhaps never faced in the past.

This book is very eclectic but fun.

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