Sunday, February 16, 2014

The Up Side of Down by Megan McArdle

Megan McArdle has written a very compelling book.  A writer for The Atlantic and formerly The Economist, McArdle has hit on a very right idea.  We need to fail to learn, to risk, to dream, to dare, to create and to succeed.


And I like the book.

But, I wish McArdle had used her journalistic skills to do more research and less autobiography.  While her life and related stories are interesting, they are antidotal and not research.  Her reliance on them weakens an excellent books.

Still, I recommend the book highly and whipped through it.  We all need to begin thinking this way and approaching failure as a positive step if it's used constructively.

My background is very Silicon Valley…and in that part of the world if you don't fail sometimes you aren't dreaming and daring big enough.  McArdle embraces that ethos and explains it.

Must have reading!

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