Sunday, July 21, 2013

You are not your body...

My quote from Happy Yoga, by Steve Ross, from my morning reading.  We are our body only to a limited degree but tend to get so caught up in that perception that we forget the parts of us we don't see...our thoughts, feelings, essence, spirit and soul.

Pran is the subtle life force that connects the body to the mind.  Pranayama is the extension of breathe or of our life force.  For breathe defines life (dead..we stop long as we're alive we breathe).  This subject gets complex but for now let's just say that yoga helps us align our body and mind.  So I read some, went to yoga and re-balanced if only a little bit.

The question I keep getting asked is "who are you?"  And it's a complex question if you think it through.  Am I just what I do?  Just my body?  Or am I more?  And of course I'm more!  But how to I define that?

And why is all this important?  We all need to see past the obvious or we do exactly as those around us do.  Thus getting in touch with what sets us apart is the only way to differentiate ourselves, competitively or just through basic sanity.

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