Saturday, July 27, 2013

Urban Decay Rush lipstick: favorite thing of the day

Busy day; yoga and then yoga teacher training.  Working through some conceptual work stuff (super hard).  Homework and a good friend's party.  Oh my.

But my lips looked amazing and, as I've learned, the colors of makeup make me happy and spur creativity.  So....with a photo from the MusingofaMuse blog...what I like about this lipstick....

Rush is a pink-mauve that on me looks like my lips but better.  It almost has a shimmer to it - which is so subtle it looks perfect.  The formula is rich and creamy.

And, going back to weekend theme this summer...this shade is like your breathe.  It signifies health and something we can rely on.  I'm so busy I need to stay healthy and breathing.  And I need products that are easy and perfect for any and all situations.

Urban Decay's revolution lipsticks are amazing.  Rush is absolutely reliable. favorite spiritual book ever.  Secret until then!

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