Friday, July 19, 2013

Steve Ross' Happy Yoga: my favorite thing of the day

To accomplish anything we need to control ourselves and stay sane.

I do that, in part, through yoga.  Steve Ross is one of my teachers and he focuses on having a healthy mind as much as a healthy body.  Happy Yoga sums up a lot of his teaching in a workable and fun book.

Happy?  Yes.  But Steve was also a monk for a while, spent countless time with gurus in India and knows his stuff.  He also performed on last year's Grammys.

The book ranges across topics like love (including self love), those thoughts in our head that drive us nuts, food, stress and the choices we make in life.  On Maya Yoga's (his studio) website is the motto:  You cannot always control what goes on ouside.  But you can always control what goes on inside.

Read the book.  I started my day with it (okay, and some coffee).  I started my day right.

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