Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Today's favorite: MAC mineralized skinfinish in Adored and Lust

My favorite things for today: MAC Cosmetics Mineralized Skinfinishes in Adored and Lust from the Tropical Taboo collection.  In the top photo Adored is the peach-biege at left but then is swatched on the right below.  Lust takes the other slots.

They glisten, Lust more so by far.  And, they can be used as a highlighter or even as a blush for those with light skin.  I think they're gorgeous and get lots of compliments when I use these sorts of products ("you glow"  "you look so young"...the usual female stuff).

Why makeup again?  Because it's a quick and easy way to feel better and perk up my mood.  Read Estee Lauder's biography.  And because a lot of the work I'm doing now is pushing my boundaries and deeply creative...which gets exhausting and I need light diversions.  Glistening powders are a relatively harmless distraction.

These two are beyond gorgeous and limited edition.

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