Monday, September 2, 2013

Review: Marc Jacobs Strange Magic Lip Gel and MAC Wholesome lipstick

I never wore nude colored lipstick until lately.  Now I can't get enough of it and I keep trying new versions!  Two of my recent favorites are Marc Jacobs' Strange Magic lip gel and MAC's Wholesome lipstick.

Marc Jacobs is pricey and twice the price of the MAC tube.  Is it worth it?  Strange Magic (above) is also the only color of his new lip gels that keeps selling out on Sephora's web site.  Repeatedly.  Indeed, it's out of stock now.  I was intrigued.  What did I think?  I love the color...though it's a touch light for me, thus would look better with a darker liner or gloss mixed in/on top.  The soft pink nude is a true neutral and reminds me of something Malibu Barbie would wear.  It is more pink than I expected.  The formula is soft and not at all drying.  The lipstick also wears well.  I can't manage to make anything but the darkest reds last longer than 3 hours (I'm a perfectionist) and it does manage that well.  Love it.

Wholesome by MAC is my new favorite nude...and it's called a neutral mid-toned nude; which means it's more color than some nudes (the latter of which can wash me out.  It's also one of the recent Nudes and Metallics collection still on the MAC site and this color isn't sold out.

Looking at the two swatches the difference in color is pretty extreme but on I find they both look "nude-neutral" albeit in different categories of pink.

The MAC lipstick also wears well on me...which for me is only about three hours.  It's also a soft, creamy and non-drying formula.  Again, I love this lipstick (my new favorite neutral).

Both of these lipsticks are an A in my book and so pretty in a natural way.  Is the Marc Jacobs worth 2 MACs?  I guess the answer depends on your budget.  I think the color is distinctive, interesting and fun.

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