Wednesday, April 10, 2013


Well, gosh I've been overwhelmingly busy and haven't gotten a lot of things posting here.  Do you hear the excuses starting...?

I am actually a reasonably disciplined person, especially when it comes to work.  But I get distracted..overwhelmed...over-committed...over-stressed...over everything.  And sometimes we really do get so busy we need to dump all activities not absolutely necessary.

Not finishing everything isn't a crime.  Not picking it up again when you can is.  Too often we stop when really overwhelmed or overcommitted and then never pick up the other projects we dropped.  Once ditched, something we cared about enough to start gets thoroughly abandoned.  As my friend Parissh Knox said a while back, and to paraphrase, what sets those who succeed apart is that they finish things.  Anyone can start.

Finishing, resuming, committing, continuing...not matter how hard discipline.

This post is my returning to this commitment, this page.  Short (and hopefully sweet), it's my discipline of the moment.

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