Thursday, April 11, 2013

Attitude and why a good one matters so much

I  heard someone (really important) speak today and I'm not sure I'm allowed to comment who.  But I can share the most important of many important walk-away insights.
Attitude matters.  The speaker said that, really, he doesn't want to hear about what sort of day you're having.  He wants you to do your job well and with a great attitude.  So, the example he used was a waiter.  Bad day or not they should provide good service to get a good tip.
I like his point and must admit that, while I'm pretty upbeat and hard working I do have my bad attitude moments.  No one cares...why...they just see the attitude.  And they mostly don't like it when it's bad.  As Mamie said in Gone With The Wind, "honey catches more flies than vinegar".
This attitude is one we can all pass along to our children and practice ourselves (kids learn from watching).  Not a person alive today doesn't ever have really bad days.  But they can gut through them, keep smiling, work hard and be nice.  
Such an attitude might get you to the top of a Hollywood studio one day.

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