Sunday, July 12, 2015

Book Review Murder D.C. by Neely Tucker

I loved Neely Tucker's first Sully Carter book last year, The Ways of the Dead.  So I was very excited to get Murder D.C.  And Tucker doesn't disappoint this time around, with another tale of intrigue and corruption in our nation's capital.

Sully is such a broken mess of a reporter and it's impossible not to love him.  Formerly a war journalist stationed in the world's hot spots, he got blown up in Bosnia and lost the love of his life.  Broken, he now favors bourbon and works as a crime reporter in DC (a low for someone with his journalistic past).  His camera woman friend and lover hounds him, while helping him investigate a new murder.

Billy Ellison, a college aged gay son of the city's most affluent and influential families, has been murdered in a ghetto area known for drugs and formerly being a slave market.  But the story lines don't make sense and Sully knows he isn't getting straight answers, even from his drug lord source (of information).  Someone is trying to hide the real story and Sully fights his boss and seemingly half the city to get the facts.

Tucker creates such a mess in his books, and poor Sully just wades his way, fearless, through them.

I can't wait for the next book in the series and recommend this one.

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