Monday, July 20, 2015

Besame 1940s Eau De Parfum Review

Top notes:  bergamot, cognac, davana

Heart notes:  rose, clove, labdanum

Base notes: sandalwood, amber benzoin

A sultry but not super complex scent.  Like curling up next to a burning fireplace.


Julie B said...

Months ago (geez, it has to be last year), you did a review on the Besame Violet Brightening Powder and I had never even heard of the brand before. I love the "old Hollywood" feel of the brand. I ended up purchasing the violet powder and I still use it to this day for my undereyes. It's amazing! I really love packaging and it's really beautiful. I didn't realize they had fragrance! I'll have to check it out. The concept of the whole scent of a decade thing is intriguing!

Megan Lisa Jones said...

I love the Hollywood feel too...I wonder if many of us really are just suckers for that glamour? The scents are an intriguing way of looking at beauty. I have a book which details how beauty evolved over the 20th century. I wonder how it's evolved since!
Glad you love the powder!