Monday, June 16, 2014

The Ways of the Dead by Neely Tucker Book Review

I love this book.

Neely Tucker is a reporter for the Washington Post and writes about Washington DC.  So he's writing about what he knows and adding a lot of personality and color.  This book is a take off from the Princeton Place murders that happened in DC years ago.  From Mississippi originally, Tucker also adds a few Southern touches to his hero, Sully Carter.

Carter is a former foreign correspondent returned to his DC paper after being wounded in a war zone (while reporting).  Haunted by a lost love (killed in the same conflict) among many other demons, Carter is tasked with reporting about the recent murder of a top judge's fifteen year old daughter after her dance class in a local ghetto.

But Carter stumbles on more murders of young women in the area.  Are they related?  No one cares about poor working girls like they do a judge's daughter so little related investigation has been done.

The father, and judge, will likely be the next Supreme Court justice.  Was his daughter's death a political message or part of a serial killer's rampage?

The book is just plain fun and throws in some surprising twists.  Many of the characters are quirky and conniving and we get lost with Carter as he tries to figure out what's really going on between the lies and omissions.  Tucker wrote a book that lives up to the best of its genre.  I highly recommend it.  Among the better of its type I've read in the past year or two.

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