Saturday, June 28, 2014

James Madison by Lynne Cheney Book Review

I love reading history but find choosing a book in the genre difficult. Honestly, some of the recent books that humanize great figures of history by telling some sordid, only perhaps true tale leave me yawning.  If I want fiction or guess work I've got plenty of celebrity magazines with more credibility available.

History, especially biography, also requires a delicate balance between including enough detail while still making the story interesting.

Lynne Cheney does an excellent job in James Madison, and I really enjoyed the book.  Cheney is more than just a successful man's wife she's also a highly educated woman and this book isn't her first.

The research included is impressive but Cheney also moves the story along and makes it compelling.  I didn't know much about Madison before reading the book and based my understanding on long ago history classes.  I now not only understand him better but also got a great refresher in the founding of our country.

Book grade:  A

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