Friday, June 20, 2014

Armani and YSL Friends and Family Sale! Code and my wish list

Two of my favorite brands have friends and family sales right now!

Giorgio Armani has 20% off everything with the code:  FAMILY14 at Armani and YSL Beauty has 20% of with the same code at YSL .

So I decided to put my wish list online.


1.  Maestro Blush Blush I tried this at a local Nordstrom and was blown away by how lovely, natural and pigmented it is.  I'm still pondering color…

2.  Maestro liquid bronzer Bronzer Not too yellow, this can be mixed into foundation or worn as a bronzer or contour.

3.  Maestro eraser concealer Concealer I need a concealer and love Armani face products finish.

4.  CC Cream CC Cream I absolutely love how luminous this product is.  Light coverage but better than many products with heavier coverage.

5.  Eyes to kill solo eye shadow Eye shadow I love these but couldn't decide which to get!  In my basket now are 10, 6, 17, 13 and 16 but we shall see.

Maybe I'll get a lip sheer or two from the Bright Ribbon Collection Ribbon

Other products I love but already have are the Cheek fabric blush and different lipsticks (I love all formulas).


I recently stocked up on this brand so will be getting less.

I love the Rouge Volupte Shine lipstick Shine , Rouge Per Couture Rebels (and regular) Rebel, the whole summer look collection Summer .

I'll be getting:

1.  Another Kiss & Blush Kiss

2.  A Couture palette though I haven't decided color Couture

3.  A Golden Lustre lipstick color still undecided Golden

I've done reviews for many of these products on YouTube and this blog:

Youtube link

Happy shopping!  Let me know what you get….  The sale goes through end of June but some things will sell out.

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