Thursday, June 19, 2014

Raising Boys and Raising Girls, Revised, by Steve Biddulph Book Reviews

I'm reviewing both these books together because I think doing so makes sense.  I have an old copy of Steve Biddulph's Raising Boys and view it as an essential must read for parents.  I was thus delighted to see an updated and revised edition plus Raising Girls.

First, boys and girls are both different and the same.  We need to view children as both distinct but also as part of a larger whole.  And the world has changed a lot since we as parents faced the challenges all children navigate when growing up.

Being female I'm more comfortable and knowledgable about mean girl issues than I am with how teen boys navigate pornography and sex.  Biddulph offers both common sense and more nuanced answers.  And he writes in an easy to read and enjoyable style.  I love how easy navigating his books is.

These books also break down the different stages boys and girls individually face (5 for girls and 3 for boys).

What I didn't like in the books were the authors "stories from the heart" that sometimes I felt were more there as filler and to support his points and not actual facts.

Must have reads for parents…and having written an education book myself I've read many.

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