Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Out of Our Minds by Sir Ken Robinson

This book is mostly great.  Sir Ken Robinson discusses changing the education and bringing in more creativity well.  Polished, knowledgable and absolutely correct he describes the past and how we fell into our mess of an educational system eloquently and in an interesting tone.

I loved that part of the book.

But is it only me...but I get lost in the action items or other prescription in books like this.  Is creativity and education only for success in a job or is there also the element of crafting a complete person?  Just asking.

Still, overall, this book is among the top five on education that I've read.  It's mostly interesting... a huge feat in the genre.  And it explains how we got where we are in greater depth, accuracy and sophistication than most of it's competitors.  A worthwhile read.  And please see the video.

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