Monday, October 18, 2010

Michael Eisner, Digital Hollywood and the shape of media today

Today at Digital Hollywood Michael Eisner declared that he is very positive on the movie industry; and, the worse shape it's in, the more positive he is.

Because that is what spurs creativity. I love that!

Another quote: "making movies for less can often lead to a better movie - forced to be creative."

Captive was written on a budget (no advances here!). Is it creative or not? Hopefully.

I'm crazed for the next 10 days. Kids last weekend (fun but so busy); Digital Hollywood today; Milken State of the State tomorrow: back to Digital Hollywood.

The key point I'm getting from running around like crazy is to know your message (or what you're trying to accomplish). On that, I'm clear. It's the juggling that drives me nuts!

Oh, and that blur on the right is Michael Eisner/

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