Friday, October 1, 2010


I've been pretty self involved this week. And, so, so busy. My actual books arrived yesterday (saw Cative in print) and I went to a charity function with a friend, run by a friend.
Then, finally today I read my newspapers (for the week).
I saw that a friend (Richard Riordan) and an acquaintance (Frank Baxter) along with Eli Broad bailed out the ICEF Charter Schools. Caprice Young has stepped in to help Mike Piscal - both of whom I know.
I've heard Mike talk about teaching a ten year old how to read. How much harder it is at that age. The boy ashamed and crying the whole time. How he told the boy he wouldn't give up on him and didn't.
There is a place in the world for the Mike Piscals. I'm glad some business people stepped in and put their time and money behind him.
I didn't accomplish as much this week.
But I'm proud to know those who did.
The picture is a part of town that some residents know all too well. How blessed some of us are.

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