Thursday, October 21, 2010



I do a lot. I do too much.

Work, the book, selling the book, yoga, runs, reading, friends and most of all my children. And then some more on top of that!

Many times I’ve been asked how I do it all. Yet how do we all do what we do? Some people handle so much more than I do.

Focus is key. When I’m doing one thing I’m engaged and focused on that one thing. I’m not letting my mind wander through the lists of other (sometimes pressing) items I’ll need to address later in the day. And may not get done. And if they don’t get done? Well, so far I’ve survived. Most of us do.

A huge part of my workouts is that focus which they provide. Clearing my mind and exiting the world’s realities helps me re-focus on myself and my objectives. It also releases stress (which builds up based on my busy lifestyle).

I really do compartmentalize well and can ignore the thunder on the horizon; even when I’ve seen the lightening and feel the rain.

Part of it is rooted in childhood…but let’s not go into that here and now. Part is the incredible influence that fiction has had on my life and my mind. In a well written book I learned early on how to escape into another world. I haven’t always liked what I’ve seen in this one… the magic of a good writer, who introduces us to a more compelling and interesting storyline, taught me that concept of escape.

Escape becomes focus when you channel it correctly.

Now back to my other realities (the list of so many “to dos” for the day).

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