Friday, October 15, 2010

Gloomy morning

Is the gloom inside or outside of us?

Today is cold and overcast again, like much of our summer here in Santa Monica. Yes, we had some lovely, even hot, days. Overall, we had an unusually winter-like summer.

And I'm feeling it in my mood. All of this week and last I've been so busy, running and never keeping caught up. I stopped this morning and felt the gloom. Looking around me I see it and I'm cold even in my sweater.

Our lives are so busy that sometimes we can't take time for reflection. But we all need it. My solution is yoga or a jog on the beach but yesterday my jog felt heavy.

My guess is twenty minutes of stepping back from my life, tasks and obligations, time spent reflecting priorities will re-balance my mood and the gloom will depart from inside and just exist out.

Who said anything is wrong with moods. Embrace and accept them, right?

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