Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Tom Ford Last Dance Eye Shadow Quad Review and Swatches

Shade 1:  warm orange yellow gold with slightly metallic sheen

Shade 2:  olive/bronze/taupe/fawn with metallic sheen

Shade 3:  shade shifting but not a full duo chrome.  Rich deep emerald green with a hint of forest.  Micro shimmer in vivid emerald, pink and light gold

Shade 4:  deep sky blue and lapis base and shimmer.  Looks light the ocean in sunlight

This palette is lovely but a little hard to use.  The shades tended to get muddy if not applied coherently.  Hear more and see what I mean in the video (and when done right, it is gorgeous).

The blue over the other shades (the last being the blue sheered out..shade varies with how sunlight hits it).

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